Free Week on Red River – Austin, TX

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JWM_7309old, originally uploaded by Jerry Milton Photography.

Always a fun week at the top of the new year….this go around I ventured out a couple of nights. it was cold. that is my excuse and I’m sticking with it. ANYWAY, I had the pleasure of seeing Manikan the first night, and on the second night it was the Hoodrats, Scrabble Robot, and The Flash Boys. Anyway, hope you enjoy viewing the pics !! the pit was hell the second night. i’m getting to old for this shit. on that there is no argument. you can view the sets here (I prefer the slideshow options my damnself)


FU MANCHU – H-town, Nov’09

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_JWM6487bleach, originally uploaded by Jerry Milton Photography.

So i got to see my first show at the Meridian to check out FU MANCHU….one of my FAVE FAVE FAVE bands. Had to laugh cuz as i wondered around the Meridian…it reminded me of another cavernous Houston joint from back in the day, POWER TOOLS….hallways going here, there everywhere….a dude to turn your water on and squish soap in your hand in the bathroom….crazy BIG ASS barricades on both of their stages…like we were gonna be at an Insane Clown Possy gig…(the other venue there had a cheese ass country band…that I got to check out everytime i needed a beverage). Okay BACK to FU MANCHU…SOLID AS ALWAYS. duh. KING OF THE ROAD SAYS YOU MOVE TO SLOW. Slideshow link of ALL the pix on FLICKR:

Blunt Force Trauma @ Red 7

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_JWM6401, originally uploaded by Jerry Milton Photography.

I just HAPPENED to be checking facebook out for the evening…and saw Alex’s post about a LAST MINUTE gig at Red 7 for Damage Fest….fired up the bicycle and down the hill I went towards 6th Street….bit thanks for Alex and Bobby for taking care of me…the whole fucking band RAWKS on and off the stage. DUH.

PFRE (Photographer For Real Estate)

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_JWM6105, originally uploaded by Jerry Milton Photography.

Shot a gorgeous-to-die-for house over in French Place….it is a former duplex transformed into a single family home….corner lot….and what is scary is that the U shaped street, as anyone familiar with that area know … THE SAME EXACT houses (in duplex form) are on either side of the street ready for the same work. sigh.

Thanks to Laura Croteau (realtor whom is marketing this property) for looking me up to shoot….and IFFING ya need a PFRE…dude, drop me a line.

Sabbath Crow – Beerland Oct’09

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_JWM6053, originally uploaded by Jerry Milton Photography.

Somehow this was the first time that Sabbath Crow has played Beerland…one of my favorite venues. I hadn’t been down to Red River in quite some time…so i popped in for an hour or two on the bike…and back Barton Springs way I went…Sabbath Crow brought it as usual. DUH

GTRS,Motion Turns It On,Muhammadali BAR – B – QUE

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houston-5695, originally uploaded by Jerry Milton Photography.

Good times at a DJ, bands in the living room, bar-b-que throw down in houston town. Good times indeed. Sunken ships and all.

Butthole Surfers

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woodshock2, originally uploaded by Jerry Milton Photography.

Headed down Houston way to join Lola and company… catch the first date of the BHS fall tour yo…then gonna catch them on the bookend….this Halloween w/ Peaches at Stubbs. SATAN SATAN SATAN